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                                                                                                                                               assists in  finding the best tattoo sites available


                      Tattoo designs and galleries       -         reviews                                                                                                                                                                          

Below is a list of reviews I find to be the ones with the best price- achievement relation, so if you love tattoos and are looking for inspiration or tattoo designs to embellish your
body with , check  out  these  sites and for a one time  fee and a lifetime membership you will get access to designs you've been dreaming of !  
                                                                 CHOPPER TATTOO

                                                                     This site is the best pick on the net so far. It comes with a huge selection of
                                                                     quality tattoo designs  plus tattoo lettering , free music downloads and
                                                                     free $ 297 worth of bonus material.
                                                                    A lovely and user friendly layout .                                                                                                             
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                                                                       This site has an extensive selection of tattoo designs, not
                                                                       quite as much as my first pick.

                                                                      There are also some bonuses and some nice tools in the members area.

                                                                                            to find out more :
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                                                                 This site also has a huge selection of tattoo designs- many pages of flash
                                                                 and tattoo photos.
It has over 30 categories of tattoo designs to choose from.
                                                                 So this site barely slips to place three,
only because the member site
                                                                seems to be more cumbersome than the first two picks.

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chinese tattoos                                                                                      
                                                             Here is some ideas for those who are especially interested in chinese tattoos, this is an expert
                                                             who lets you profit from her knowledge to make the right decision and get the right tattoo.
                                                              to check out the webpage:  Click Here!

Here is some ideas about Hennatattoos....( yet to come)

temporary tattoos(yet to come)


Just to make this site complete I will mention some methods of removing a tattoo and give links to sites that give you more information about that topic.

Here is an interesting news: Next year there will be tattoo ink on the market that is made out of cosmetic based colors which  can be removed easier( only one laser session instead of 4 or  five  to break up the collagen depots.) so,  people who feel more comfortable with that,  might consider waiting a few months .

The most common way to remove tattoos is still laser therapy, foremost rubinlaser. It takes about four to five sessions at approx 150$ each to remove a tattoo completely. It might be
 a bit painful but this shouldn't scare a real tattoo freak I daresay.
Then there are some sites that claim to be able to remove tattoos by patches. the great advantage is that you can do it at home, it is less expensive and it doesn't hurt.
 For more
information about Tatbgone check out